Sunday, September 13, 2009

The last of the 150 quilts

I am pretty sure we made well over 150 quilts this year for Kazakhstan. I have lost count here in the last couple of weeks just because there are so many quilts. I need about 3 hours to sit and just count the pictures and go back through the blog to make sure I have all of the quilts accounted for. That isn't going to happen. But, here are the last pictures of the quilts that are heading to Kazakhstan to the orphanage in Almaty for Christmas.

This was a huge project and I never could have completed it without Carla. She organized two quilting days and got about 30 people together to help sew tops together and to put the binding on about 60 of these quilts.

It is so good to have like-minded friends help out with a huge project like this.

The other person who helped out so much was Jenny. She and her mom sewed about 100 of the quilt tops. I still have about 40 of them to quilt. I just gave her all of the quilt kits that everyone had cut out and the two of them sewed like the wind. She would bring them over in bags and a couple weeks ago, she brought over the last 20 or so they had finished up before taking their vacation to Hawaii.

So, what are the future plans? Well, there is another orpahange in Kazakhstan for handicapped children who heard about the quilts from America and now wants some.

Plus, the foster kids here in Ameria who could use a hug.
Things sure have slowed down since school started, but I haven't stopped. I have about 10 quilts that I have quilted that need to be posted here and I have done some other sewing as well. Yesterday I sewed together the backing for more quilting. I have grand plans to work through the fabric stash this year and get is down to a manageable level and get the stuff out of the shed and all into the house so it is all useable.
I'm going through the stuff in the house and pulling out the stuff that isn't the prettiest so I can use that for the backing fabrics. I just sit and sew together really long strips the width of the fabric and then roll that onto the quilting frame so I can quilt multiple quilts without having to load the backing each time.
Right now I'm working through the blues, since I have enough blue fabrics to fill two crates in the house.
The quilt tops I have are just short of the width of fabric, so I don't have to piece the backing to make it wider. Simply put the quilt top on and quilt away. I think I will quilt at least one quilt today. I miss being able to spend time every day quilting.
Summer...where are you?

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