Monday, September 7, 2009

Finley's Quilt

When my daughter got the idea to drive her car across the country back to college, I told her she couldn't go alone. At first, she thought about bringing her room mate along, who weighs about 90 pounds. I had to laugh because her room mate is the nicest, sweetest, person you could ever meet and would be no protection against the bad guys that are out there to take advantage of a teenage girl driving across the country. I thought she needed a couple of big, strong guys to drive along behind her. Instead, she suggested her tennis doubles partner, Finley.
Finley flew to Colorado to meet my daughter and the two of them drove to Kansas where Finley lives. They stayed there for a week and then drove to Ohio where they go to school. I wasn't worried about them getting in trouble because Finley can take care of herself and anybody else she is with :)
Since I have made quilts for my daughter's other friends, it was time to make one for Finley. My daughter picked the color scheme and the first three fabrics and I picked out the rest all by myself! I was so proud that they all went together so well. I have so much trouble matching colors.
This is from the book Happy Hour by Terry Atkinson and only took about 3 hours to make the whole thing. The thing that took the longest time was arranging the squares on the design wall. Good thing daughter #2 has an eye for color placement, or all of the black squares would have been together.
I've already picked out the next bunch of fabrics for another quilt from this book.
Oh, yes, I'm enjoying my 3 day weekend. We don't have another break until Veteran's day, so every second of today will be spent appreciating the time off.


Ursula said...

That's really nice. Your daughters' friend is gonna love it. I think I'll have to look for that book. I need a few quick and easy quilts to get me going again.

Dorothy said...

So pretty! About how large is the finished quilt?