Monday, September 7, 2009

Trying to catch up

I am pretty sure we have completed the 150 quilts we need for Kazakhstan, but there will always be a need for more quilts somewhere.

My friend from church, Wendy has adopted two little ones and knows the foster system locally.

I'm thinking she could be a good contact for providing quilts to kids who are taken into foster care here in our city.

So, until the need is met, we will keep working to make quilts. As you can see in the background of these pictures, I have fabric. Lots of fabric. Enough fabric to make probably 1,000 quilts and then some. The only thing that will limit my quilt making is time. So, I had better plan to live to be 400 years old so I can use up all of the fabric I own.

But why is it that when I want to make a quilt using certain colors, I don't have enough of those colors in my 'stash'. I want to make a quilt with purple and blacks and I have lots of purples, but only one piece of black and it has blue in it too.

SO, guess where I'm going today? Yeah, JoAnn's has a sale this weekend so I hope they have a nice piece or two or 5 of black fabric to go with my purple and black quilt that will be a gift.

I have so many quilts to show you from Quilt day #2 waaaaay back on August 17 that I just have to keep at it until they are all shown.

I didn't go to church yesterday and didn't take any quilts, so they are all still here, in bags in my family room.

I need to attack them today and get their pictures taken and trim any strings and get them ready for next week.

These quilts have all been delivered to church and I haven't even opened the bags of quilts that Carla brought to me from her sister and Rhoda that were finished up after I left.

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For His Glory said...

Ha I caught that Mrs Marilyn!! I would love to take quilts to a location I know they would be used!! You just let me know if you have any and I will find the place!! What a precious thought and a beautiful way to show the love of Jesus!