Wednesday, September 2, 2009

working smarter?

I need to learn how to work smarter, not harder. This school year I have 30 more students than I had last year and the paperwork is killing me and things really haven't picked up yet. I just got my first set of lab books turned in yesterday and my first set of real homework turned in the day before. I feel so overwhelmed with the amount of work staring at me and this is just the beginning. I know that if I don't really grade these first assignments and just gloss over them at the beginning, the kids will think they can just turn in anything and get a grade, so I have to really read every answer and it is taking forever to grade things. The parents are emailing and asking when things will be graded, which is strange too. I have no idea how things were done last year, but usually they don't ask so quickly after an assignment was turned in.

I have a teacher's assistant--a student who helps me with my grading and entering grades--but she can only work so fast and doesn't take things home either, so we do the best we can. I'm just wondering if someone out there has invented an auto grading machine and I don't know about it. Maybe I can invent one and retire from teaching :)

The other thing facing me today is having to change my health care. We have Health Net currently and have had the same doctors for the last 21 years. But, the cost of the program is increasing and the benefits are being cut by a huge amount so we are almost being forced to switch to Kaiser. I have heard so many horror stories about Kaiser that I am a little scared about making the switch. I feel like giving up my doctor is like losing a best friend. This guy delivered all 4 of my children and was there with me through both miscarriages. He is not only a doctor, but has counseled me through many trials of life. He is my pastor's brother and takes the time at each visit to ask about the kids and family and it is going to be really hard to make the switch to someone who is just there to see if I have a sore throat. Plus, I'm not sure how all of the changing of prescriptions goes, with my daughter being at college, if they will just transfer her prescription to the new plan and what about pre-existing conditions, like my migraines? So many questions. They are supposed to be having a meeting this morning at school to answer some of them today.

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For His Glory said...

Marilyn, Wow I finally found your blog!! I am so glad you stopped by! I actually tried before to see your blog, but couldn't access it!

I read your heart just now and WOW you do have a lot going on...The enemy loves to use these trials to take our eyes off Christ, and fear...I know I have to fight to see God in all my trials...Boy wasn't that message wonderful Sunday! I know it's hard , but keep fighting to see God and His merciful, soveriegn, gracious hand in all these trials you are facing dear sister...Cling to His Word more than ever and know that I will be praying for your heart to not grow weary, but that you will be renewed and refreshed in Him daily!! Love you dear sister :)