Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wedding gift

This is the lap quilt I made for my daughter's science teacher. She had her last year and again this year and really likes her. So, she asked me to make her a quilt because she got married. This is my favorite quick quilt pattern, the ButtonBerry Stashbuster quilt and I can finish one of these guys in about 3 hours. Shhhh, don't tell anyone!

I also quilted another one in patriotic fabrics for the upcoming Girls State dinner raffle fundraiser. It just needs binding which takes about 30 minutes. Hope to have that done this week so I can work on the quilt for my son's preschool fundraiser. I decided to go in and have each child draw on two quilt squares. There are 24 kids in the class and I'm going to have them draw a picture of their family on one square and a picture of their favorite animal on the other square. That will give me enough squares to make 4 quilts. I don't think I will get all of them done by the 17th of October, but at least I will have the squares to work on for the next fundraiser. The quilt will go on a silent auction table. I hope to remember to take my camera on the day I go in to get the kids to draw. I would like to make a little scrapbook of the kids making the quilt to go along with the quilt for the auction.

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