Friday, October 10, 2008

preschool quilt update

Today I got all of the squares bordered. I also asked the preschool director who was actually in the class. Turns out there are 21 kids in the class and 7 from the morning class came over to draw squares. I'm going to take the 21 squares and add 3 teacher ones in and make 2 quilts out of that. The morning kids are going to go in another quilt and I plan to send in more squares for the rest of the kids to draw on Monday morning. I am hoping to get both quilts done this weekend so I have time next week to work on the quilts for the morning kids. I'm not too worried about getting those quilts done because that is just a bonus if I can get all of these done by Friday when the silent auction is!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the squares and my plan for sewing them together. I figure I've put in about 4 hours so far on this project and have another 4 to go. Not bad for 2 quilts.

I also have the binding to put on the patriotic quilt for Girls State next Saturday which should take about an hour once I find some fabric that will match. Seems I have used up all of my patriotic stuff so I will have to look for some blues/reds or maybe even go with some white. I just hope it doesn't take too long to dig through all of the stash to find something that matches well.

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Nancy said...

I can't wait to see the preschool quilts with the pictures the kids drew. How did you "set" the crayon drawings? Iron?

It is wonderful that you are taking your time to do this and other projects.