Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I won it!

Well, finally I found out today that I was the winning bidder on the quilt I made for my son's preschool class. I was totally bummed after coming home on Friday and not getting the phone call. I bid $40 for the quilt (they actually put two together for the bid) and they said they would call the winning bidder. Well, since I didn't get a call, I figured someone had outbid me. I was happy they got more money, but sad that I didn't get the quilt for my son. Then, on Monday, I asked about the quilt and was told that they thought I had gotten it, but would get a phone call during the day. Again, no phone call, so I figured I hadn't won it.

Well, today I showed up and was told that yes, I had won the quilt! I took the one that my son had worked so hard on re-arranging the squares on and gave the other one to the teacher whose square was in it. She was very happy to get the gift. Of course, I was asked to make another one in the spring for the room mom who does so much for the class and I agreed. I enjoy making these and they do turn out really cute. The kids all saw the quilts for the first time when I picked up my son and they all wanted one too. I told them I would be back to make more quilts with them. I can see this will be quite the project this year! Now that the teachers know how to have the kids draw on the fabric, I can see many more quilts from these kids.

The other pair of quilts sold for $65. So, I helped make $105 for the preschool class.

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Alycia said...

Good for you!! They certainly turned out cute.