Friday, October 17, 2008

Preschool quilts #3 and 4

Well, I've been quiet lately because I've been so busy. I just had to get those last two quilts finished for the Country Faire that is tonight. Here they are and I'm pretty proud of how they all turned out. This was really an enjoyable project and I can't wait to do it again. Maybe not so many quilts in a week's time, but I like the children pictures in the quilts and the bright colors make me happy. I am happy with how the corners match on the blocks too. I'm seeing improvement in the quilts I have been making and I think I am ready to start trying some more difficult patterns.

I am going to try to do some half square triangles coming up soon. Those things scare me and I don't know why. Maybe because I haven't tried them, or maybe because there seems to be so many steps and so much measuring and so much numbers. I don't like numbers very much. That's why I teach science, not math.

Oh, and my oldest comes home tomorrow from college for a week. They are on the semester system and have a Fall Break. I can't wait to see her again! I've missed her so much.

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Kathie said...

Love the quilts!
Blessings from Costa Rica