Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pre School Quilt

I started on the Pre-School Quilt today for my son's Country Faire fundraiser. I went into his preschool class and worked with the kids. I had already gotten the fabric squares ready. I ironed freezer paper onto prewashed muslin and then cut that into 9 inch squares. I had 34 of the squares and there are only 24 students in the class. I figured it was better to have a few extras in case some of the kids didn't like their first pictures or someone messed something up.

I just used regular Crayola Crayons and the kids drew pictures of whatever they liked. It was pretty funny to watch them. The first group, one of the girls drew a rainbow, so everyone in that group drew rainbows. Then, the next group came threw and some apples were drawn. One group had spiderwebs, etc. Whatever one child drew and I made a comment on, other children copied their idea. Some of the children had stories to go with their drawings, one boy told of the play fighting he does with his dad and he told me all about it as he drew the picture...this is me and here is my dad and I'm winning this battle.

The teacher was trying to hurry the children through the group and kept taking the kids' pictures to their protests of 'I am not done yet!' so she had to keep giving them back. Then, another group of children from another room were ushered in. I ended up with 33 squares completed. 5 were done by the teachers and the other 28 by students. I'm not sure where all of the kids came from, but they just kept coming and coming. I will have to make some more squares and send those in because there were more children in another room who didn't get the chance to make a quilt square.

I think I will make two quilts, with 16 squares each. These are going to be bigger than I had pictured.

I cut the sashing 3 1/2 inches to finish at 3 inches. I am using lots of different colors of the same pattern fabric, swirls and circles and it will be like the happy blocks quilts that I love so much. Random colors that don't touch each other. At least it looks good in my mind.

I need to have this one done by next Friday. If I work for an hour a day during the week and some this weekend, I think I can get it done. I hope I can get it done! I pray I can get it done!!!

Pray for me, will you?

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