Thursday, June 15, 2017

I'm back

I've missed quilting more than I realized. 
This one is going to a local teen who has aged out of the foster system through a group called Heart 2 Heart. 

This one went to our school library assistant who has cancer. 

School got out two weeks ago tomorrow and I was sick for the first week. I'm finally feeling well again and now my summer can begin. My machine is still broken but I sent the power supply for the robotic part in yesterday so hopefully that will be. Ack in a couple of weeks and I will really be back up working again. 



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Farm Quilter said...

I am glad you are well again and can enjoy your summer!! I totally get missing quilting...I haven't "lived" with my LA since January 2016!! Since I'm caring for my dad who lives 750 miles away from me, I have moved in with him to take care of him and my LA is too hard to move! Piecing more quilts to add to my UFO pile that needs quilting when I finally do get home! Great quilts and I'm sure their recipients love them!!