Friday, June 23, 2017


Yesterday was my daughter's last day at 'home' before she started her new adventure of being an adult.  Today she moved out to Southern California.  Of course we had to spend our last few hours together doing the thing we both love the most and that was thrift store shopping.  We managed to hit three stores before we both ran out of steam.

I'm not sure if it is the thrill of the hunt or the 'saving money' that is so much fun but I have a hard time buying things at actual cost when I know I can get a t shirt for $1.99.  She can find brand new dresses for $5 with a tag still on it that says $80.  Who can pass up a deal like that?  Even if you don't need another t shirt or dress, it's a bargain and everybody loves a bargain!  Especially if they have a 50% off day.

Just look at this treadle machine for $199.  If only I had a place to put it.

She got a great purse for work and had plans to put her lunch and a good book in it.  She got a few dressy shirts.  She will be working for a bank as a program manager, which means she will be making sure everyone does their job and gets things done on time.  She has to dress up (business casual) so t shirts and jeans or sweats aren't allowed.  We looked at a lot of shoes as well.  That's why I don't wear dresses.  I have to be on my feet a lot and the shoes just kill me.  I used to wear nice clothes and tennis shoes, but when I started teaching high school and they said I could wear jeans every day I figured comfort was more important than dressing to impress.  I added about 10 shirts to my growing collection.  I plan to organize them over the next couple of weeks so I have a better idea of how many I have and am better able to find the one I want when I want it.

She also found a shelf for in the bathroom-regular price $30 marked down to $10.  It was a Target return, brand new, but open box so hopefully all the pieces are there.  We looked and it seemed like everything was there, but she won't know until she starts to put it together.  That's another exciting thing about thrifting.  You never know if you will get a deal or a steal.

My daughter loves elephants and found this cute oversized shirt which is lightweight and comfy.  She actually wore it today on the trip home.  It suits her personality.  She has quite the elephant collection.

It isn't as much fun thrifting alone.  My older daughter will be home in a couple of weeks for a few days so I will get another 'fix' in then.  I can't wait!

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