Friday, June 16, 2017

getting hot

It really is summer around here with temperatures reaching almost 100 today. I managed to talk myself into getting a walk in early and it was already getting hot by 8:30 when I got back. That will make for a nice afternoon of indoor quilting time. I won't feel guilty staying inside this afternoon and keeping my cool. 
I have lots of quilts to put bindings on as well. I think I brined ou my binding buddies. All of them are off camping or on vacation somewhere. Summers for me mean lots of time to quilt. Most people have less time in the summer to spend indoors making quilts. 

I've been storing the finished quilts in my car and most of the time I don't bother locking it. This morning I went out to water and saw that the car door was open. Not just unlocked but actually open. Someone had dug through things in the car. Not sure what they were looking for. I didn't see anything missing. Thankfully the quilts were still there and even though they had dug through the glove box I could find anything missing from there either. They didn't even steal my brand new box of tissue. 

I really should lock things. 


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