Friday, January 2, 2015


With my daughters being home for the holidays, we have been doing a lot of thrift shopping.  My older daughter has fallen in love with velvet and has a real flair for designer clothes.  We went to the Goodwill Outlet in Sacramento on Wednesday when we took my younger daughter back to the airport and if you've never been to a Goodwill outlet, you have got to find one and check it out.  They sell things by the pound.  The one in Sacramento sells clothes at $1.69 a pound.  We went to one today in Fairfield and we got 20 pounds for $30.  The more you bought, the cheaper it was.

My daughter found me this velvet outfit in Sacramento.  It cost about $3.  Not that I would ever wear it out in public, but for sleeping, an entire outfit out of velvet can't be beat!  Stretchy, soft pants and shirt, what could be better?  She says I'm ready to be an 80 year old woman.  Hey, bring on 80 if I can dress like this all the time!  So soft and comfy and color coordinated, what could be better?  Oh, yeah, t shirts with stupid sayings on them.

I also got a whole bunch of sheets for backings for quilts for really cheap.  I think each one was about $2.  So nice not to have to piece the backs when I'm ready to start quilting again.  I'm still waiting for the part for my quilting machine.  

We also found a whole treasure trove of used books.  My daughter loves to read and we got 21 paperback books for $3.  These are really great quality books too.  If I was teaching elementary school, I could have made an entire library for my classroom for under $20.

It's a good thing the local Goodwill Outlet is only open during the week when I'm at work.  This was the first time I've been able to visit.  I picked up a lot of things for my Encouragement project for only $6.  I'm excited to get started and share what I've been up to.

I'm not excited to send my daughter back to St. Louis.  She goes back on Monday.  That's going  to be a hard day :(


jirons42 said...

I would totally wear this outfit. If you are wearing these, having a pj day and someone comes to the door, they wouldn't know you were wearing your pjs.

Sue Niven said...

Firstly, You look fabulous! Secondly, the Goodwill store sounds like a dream place to go too! I wish we had that concept here! All the best for 2015. I hope your machine gets up and running soon.