Friday, January 23, 2015

Now what?

So the new encoder wire came in last night and I plugged it in, so excited to be finally quilting again, sure this would fix my problem.

Guess what?  It didn't work.  I'm still having the same problems as before.  The machine follows along the pattern, but isn't stitching.  Something still isn't right and now I'm at a total loss for what to do.

I have to admit, I cried a little from the frustration.

Could it be time to start a new hobby?

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Farm Quilter said...

Can't you call tech support and get some help figuring out what is going on? My tech guy will get unhappy with me if I wait to crying stage to call him!! There might be two things that need a tweak and they can help you figure it out. Innova has been known to sent out techs when they can't figure out why someone is having a problem and fix it over the charge to the customer either. Certainly hope you get it sorted out soon! So frustrating!!!