Sunday, January 11, 2015

Binky Day

Today was Binky Day.  There's such a great energy with everyone working with a purpose.  We take donated fabric and turn it into quilts to comfort kids who need a hug.  We sorted, cut and sewed today.  I'm excited that we managed to almost make it through an entire bucket of Christmas fabric.  These were the leftover pieces from the 500 Christmas stockings our group made this year for the wounded soldiers.  This bucket of fabric has been sitting in my car for two months waiting for me deal with it so it was nice to have it finished up. Now that it has been cut up, I hope to have it sewn into a couple of quilt tops.

Hopefully I'm on the right track to getting my machine fixed.  I THINK I finally have the right part ordered for my machine.  Maybe in a week I will have everything working again.  I will be ready to get back to quilting again, that's for sure.

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