Saturday, January 24, 2015

Parenting can be exhausting

Raising kids is hard work.

Thanks mom and dad for not giving up on me and expecting the best in me all the time.

My youngest is having a rough time right now.  He decided that he really didn't want to study for a test and got a bad grade on it.  Then, lied about it, saying the teacher didn't teach him the information about it.  It was a science test.  I'm a science teacher.  Dude.  Really?

A series of bad choices has now led to a work day.  My living room has never been so clean.  He's my new best friend, going everywhere I go and doing everything I'm doing.  If attention is what he wanted by making some poor choices, attention is what he's getting.  

He's also learning to cook, clean, do laundry and walked 4 miles today.

He also learned a lot of science.


Charlene S said...

My grand children know not to say they weren't taught how to do something b/c I then teach them!

Crickets Corner said...

Sometimes the best lessons in life are the ones that require the most work. I'm sure he will remember these the next time he thinks about doing something like he did.