Saturday, January 10, 2015

so quiet

My quilting machine is still giving me troubles.  I ordered a second set of wires for the encoders and when they got here on Thursday I was hoping my problems were going to be solved.  No such luck.  They didn't fix my troubles, in fact the machine did the same thing it did with the first set of wires, the robot followed along with the pattern, but wouldn't stitch.

So, today, I asked on my quilting group online and one of the members asked me why I ordered wires for a qbot when I have a quilt sew clever.

Really?  I have no idea.  Someone on a different group gave me a website for the wires and I didn't realize they were for a different robot and they fit, so why wouldn't they work?

My son thinks they should, but maybe that is the trouble.  Maybe they don't allow the robot to communicate with the stitch regulator.

Now I have two sets of incorrect wires.  Anybody out there have a qbot and need encoder wires?

One step closer to finding an answer I hope.  One step closer to getting back to quilting work.

Tomorrow is Binky Patrol day so we will be cutting lots of quilt kits.

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