Sunday, January 29, 2012

Revisiting goals for the year

I just realized that this week we change months.  I have a meeting on Thursday that I'm looking forward to and it is in February, but that means January must end before then.  Where has the time gone?  What have I been doing all month?  I don't have much time left to reach my goals for quilting.  I had better get busy if I want to beat my goals from last year.

Right now, I'm working on a secret project for the blog hop.  It is taking way longer than I anticipated.  It is HARD to design a quilt!  It makes me appreciate all of the real quilt designers out there :)  Thank you!  I like being able to go to a quilt pattern and just cut and sew and not have to think about all of the math involved.  Somehow that number part of my brain just shuts down when I try to use it.  But yesterday, despite having a terrible migraine, I managed to figure out the quilt and get it sewn together.  Even though it took me several tries.  Note to self...don't work on a quilt when you have a migraine.  I think my time would have been better spent just quilting or mindless sewing.  But, lesson learned and now that hard part is done.

I can't wait for my day to share, on Feb 15 so I hope you come back and see what I've been  up to.

I am also working on another quilt for a friend who had a baby 6 weeks ago.  I ordered the fabric long before she had the baby and then put it away on a shelf.  I've been looking for the fabric for a few weeks and couldn't figure out where I hid it.  I almost ordered more fabric because I searched everywhere for it and just couldn't find it.  Then, finally found it in a bucket at the very bottom.  Why would I put it there?  My mind sometimes I swear!

Ok, time to get off this computer and get at least one quilt done today.  Got to get those numbers up if there is ever a chance of reaching my goal and getting more of these quilt tops out of here and into the hands of kids!

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