Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Have I shown you my thrift store loot?

Oh, well, the Goodwill Outlet in Sacramento is my New Love.  It is a close runner up to Quilting and crocheting and sleeping and chocolate.

My oldest had a dentist appointment on Monday morning and she was mighty grumpy.  She is not a morning person, but I said I would go with her and since her dentist is half way to Sacramento, we could go to the thrift store afterwards.  I could show her the craziness of the place and I thought she would have some fun.  She wasn't too sure about it and was a little afraid of having to push people out of the way to grab things, but agreed to go with me.

We set a time limit of one hour because I knew that if we spent more time than that, we could end up filling the car and running out of money.

We ended up with about 75 pieces of clothing, 2 pair of shoes and only spent $46.  These are my tshirts.  I got 20.  My daughter got a whole bunch of designer clothing like Holister and American Eagle and some Tshirt that she said originally cost $75 and adidas and Nike and all of the stuff we got were really nice things.  Of course, we have no real need for any of this stuff, but I love tshirts and had a great time with my daughter.  I don't think I will ever go clothes shopping anywhere else ever again.  My daughter got several jackets for my #2 daughter that are really nice and I can't find anything wrong with them.  As soon as we got home, everything went into the washing machine :)  I love a good treasure hunt!

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