Friday, January 6, 2012

quilt day

Today was another great quilt day at my friend Carla's house.  We had a few students show up and some regular attendees.  I had made 5 quilting frames and used one for holding a roll of batting.  I had 20 quilts ready to go for tying and all of those got done.  We completely finished 19 quilts, bound and everything.  I will have more pictures tomorrow, but had to share this mother/daughter picture my oldest took with her cell phone.  Here we are working on tying a quilt together on one of the frames.  It was nice having my two daughters spend part of the day with me.  It was a very long day from taking my older son to a band practice early in the morning to spending the entire day making quilts to having to go back late to pick up my son again.  Long, but rewarding getting so much accomplished. 

Our next quilt afternoon is January 15.  We have 3 hours of tying quilts and some more binding.  Maybe with a few more of these quilt days, we will catch up with the quilt tops...maybe :)

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