Sunday, September 18, 2011

quilting again, must be doing better

My assistant pastor is taking 40 boy quilts to an orphanage in Mexico on Tuesday and that clears out all of the boy quilts I have on hand.  With me being so tired from the appendix removal I haven't had the energy to take the quilts on had to the hospital.  That's a good thing, because when the need for them at the orphanage came up, here they are!

However, now that all of the boy quilts are gone and I'm starting to feel almost like myself again, I need to start replenishing the boy quilts again.  I'm putting the call out to all of my local Binky Patrol workers and will be hopefully working again to get these quilt tops quilted up.  What I find is that I have about 3 girl quilts for every boy quilt.  I wonder why that is?  Why do we love to make the girly quilts more than those for little boys?

Looks like I will have to dig through the fabric stash and pull some boy fabrics and get cutting :)

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Hillbilly Tonya said...

I haven't quilted in two weeks or more..time just isn't on my side. But I do know that having boy quilts is a problem..because of that I tend to make more boyish ones. Boys like quilts too!