Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In a second...your life can change

When I read in the paper yesterday this tragic story, I once again realized how quickly life can change in an instant.  The person driving the car is the son of my friend.  He is about a month older than my oldest daughter.  I met him when he was just a baby and watched him grow up.  His mom, my friend, is the children's director at the church I first started attending when we moved to Vacaville.  My oldest daughter who is 21 now was 6 weeks old at the time.  That's a long time to know a person.  His life has been forever changed.  The family of the person who died in the accident has been forever changed.  I'm sure neither person involved in the accident thought for a moment how Sunday would be THE day their lives would be different. 

I've been given this moment in time to make a difference.  I pray that I don't waste it.

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Andee said...

Prayers going up for both families. What a tragedy.