Saturday, September 10, 2011

for Joyce's daughter

This is for my friend Joyce's daughter.  I'm still working on the quilt for her grandbaby who is due in about a month, but when I saw this fabric, I just thought of my friend Joyce and knew I had to make this one for her daughter who probably could use a hug just as much as the baby.  Joyce loved her cat, miss kitty and would write some of her facebook posts from the cat's perspective.  Click on the picture to see the great cat print fabric!  Joyce would have worn pants out of this print if she could have!

The funeral is this evening at 5 and I wanted to have it finished up to bring with me.

Carla convinced me to make yet another drunkard's path quilt for the baby.  She found a pattern called Doves and gave me some lavendar fabrics.  I headed over to JoAnn's for some more and will start cutting them as soon as I get off the computer.  Should go together quickly now that I have the pattern.  I also found a really cute bird pattern where you make birds out of different scraps.  I ordered the book and may give it a try when the book gets here.  It is like my daughter's turtle quilt which took a zillion hours to do, but was oh, so cute when done.

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