Sunday, September 11, 2011


My friend's grand-daughter is going to be named Hope.  A fitting name I believe.  I made this quilt today, a paerfect day to make such a perfect quilt.  I tell you, the more I make these drunkard's path quilts, the more I am in love with these blocks.  My friend Carla found this dove pattern and convinced me this was the block I should use.  She is so clever!  I'm so glad she is my friend.  OH, and she agreed that at my funeral, she would organize the quilting party.  Everyone who shows up to my funeral will leave with their very own handmade quilt, because everyone will sit and sew instead of cry.  My kids will not have to deal with all of the fabric I leave behind because everyone will be cutting and sewing and laughing and eating brownies and remembering how crazy I was.  It can't happen for a while, because I have a lot more drunkard's path quilts to make.  I hear there are 85 different designs you can make with this one block.  I think I have about 7 of them done.  That's a lot more to go!


Carla said...

LOVE IT!!! It's just perfect!

Carla said...

I'm so fortunate you are my friend too. I've grown so much since you entered my life!