Sunday, May 8, 2016

I'm back-with a big project

 If you have watched the news at all, you've heard about the huge fire in Canada.  It's close enough to where my mom's side of the family lives that I feel moved to do something for the thousands who have lost homes and had to evacuate without time to grab anything.

If you were around in 2011, my group, Vacaville Binky Patrol organized a huge quilt drive and collected 1144 quilts to send to Sendai, Japan after the earthquake and tsunami there.

I've made contact with a lady on the receiving end and it looks like Fed Ex will provide shipping for us again.  Our goal this time around is 500 quilts collected by July 15.  I know, it's a huge goal, but I never believed we could collect so many last time.

It's the push I needed to get back to quilting again.  For the past few months, I just haven't had the quilt mojo and have been doing a lot of little embroidery projects.  My son is coming home in a month and I'm sure would like his room back.  I need to get these quilts finished up and having a home for them already is a great motivator.

If you would like to help out, we are accepting finished quilts from baby to queen size or quilt tops that need finishing.  Batting is always appreciated as well.

I've already had two friends step up and offer spare bedrooms to store the quilts this time.  Last time, I had a free family room and that was fully loaded with boxes by the end of the drive.  This time around, it is full of quilting machines and fabric.

You could also join the efforts at the Facebook Group:
Quilts for Fort McMurray

If you are in Canada, there are many people offering quilting services for those quilt tops you are never going to get around to.  Check it out!

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