Saturday, May 21, 2016

And then life happened

O I had grand plans to quilt something every day this week and then life came along and kicked my butt.  Between a couple of migraines Thursday and Friday and grading papers for two hours Tuesday night to not sleeping well every night this week, the days seemed extra long for some reason.

This quilt has been on the machine all week because the thread broke with about 12 inches left of stitching and I just couldn't bring myself to rethread and finish it off.  Some days are like that.  You know a job will only take 5 minutes to complete, but the thought of starting the job is just too overwhelming to even make the first move.

There are only 9 days of school left and this morning I woke up with a newfound energy source and started the day off excited for the weekend.  My daughter sent me her old phone and I wanted to get it working.  I've had a non-smart phone for the longest time and recently it has stopped working half the time.  It won't let me know I have a call and then half the time won't let me make a call.  I know I've missed out on some calls for Binky Patrol so hopefully now that my 'new' phone is working, I won't be missing out anymore.  It's an iPhone 5c and there are a lot of things to learn.

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