Saturday, November 28, 2015

winding down

 I know you aren't supposed to have favorites, but this dog is my most favorite dog ever.  He actually fetches and loves to play with toys!  I found a free stuffed dog bone pattern online and made him his very own squeaky toy.  I have a feeling I will be making many of these with all of the fabric scraps I have around here and how much he likes to squeak them and then proceed to try and destroy them.
 He's quite the clown too.  My son will get him excited and throw a toy up the stairs or on top of the railing and Spot will twist his head around and try to figure out how to get the toy down.  Yesterday my son put the toy on top of the quilt rack, thinking it was too high.  He turned around and Spot had jumped up about 4 feet on top of the quilt rack and was squeaking the toy.  He looked like he was laughing at my son.  They play together for a couple of hours every day, which is great for the dog, but even better for my son, who needed a friend :)
 After grading three boxes of lab books in the last two days, I figured I should reward myself with making a little doll.  I know, my husband is a grown man and doesn't need a doll, but he does love his super heroes.  I love making these little things.  I'm not exactly sure why, but taking some fabric and a little time and coming up with a smiling doll at the end just makes me happy.
I think my husband enjoyed the little break from grading papers for a couple of minutes.  If only I could break this migraine cycle.  I've had a terrible headache for the past three days and I'm not sure why.  Surely it can't be from stress...maybe anti stress?

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Sue Niven said...

Your family is so cute! Love that your hubby loves Superheroes, my son and nephew do too, Love the little finger puppets and the little toys you make too. Cute doggy too! You are a constant inspiration to me, I hope you get your migraines sorted, They do leave you very much exhausted. I wish you and your family all the best.