Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

 It's Thanksgiving week and I've been grading papers and making finger puppets.  My daughter who teaches English in Florida asked for some character puppets so I've been working on lots of different ones.  I guess I'm wishing I had grandkids :)
 There are days I love my embroidery machine and days I wish I could throw it out the window.  Sometimes the thread breaks every 5 minutes and other times it works without trouble.  Just when I think I have the problem figured out, the thread starts breaking again for no apparent reason.
 Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving meal.  My son is home from UC Davis and wanted to spend today with his girlfriend's family.  I'm learning to accept my new place of importance.
 I also got a flu shot and tetanus shot on Tuesday this week.  I figured I'd take a chance this year with the flu shot.  Every couple of years I get one.  Working with teenagers I have less of a chance of getting the flu then when I worked with the little ones.  At least the bigger kids can usually make it to the bathroom before they throw up, but now always.  One of my teacher friends just had a kid puke in her room last week.  There have been lots of kids out for a week so bad things are going around.

I just wish I could multi task a little faster.  I got a couple of patterns for some cute little stuffed animals made with the embroidery machine.  My youngest loves penguins.  I have so many little bits and pieces of fleece and felt and want to make a bunch of these little guys for him.  I'm also working on some dog toys.  Our newest dog actually likes to fetch and play with squeaky toys.  He's pretty funny.  The first thing in the morning, he will go out to the bathroom and then run to his toy hiding spot and pick out a toy and start squeaking it.

Only three days of vacation left and still so much grading to get done.  But at least there are only three more weeks of school until break again.

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