Sunday, November 15, 2015

more superhero finger puppets

 So today was supposed to be Binky Sunday and I totally forgot about it until almost 11am.  It starts at 1pm and so I hadn't sent out an email to everyone.  I figured there wouldn't be a lot of people show up, but I really did need to cut out those Christmas stockings for the Veterans that we've been making for the past five years or so.  So, I loaded up the car, sent an email to Carla to see if she had remembered and headed out to the quilt shop after lunch.
 When I got there, the ladies looked at me like I was crazy.  They said we had agreed to move it to last weekend and they wondered why I hadn't shown up.  I couldn't remember having the conversation and wondered why they hadn't called me last Sunday, or any time this week to remind me that we had moved it.  So, with an extra 3 hours on my hands of course I came home and cut out those stockings right?  No!
  I decided I'd try and get this finger puppet set done for my husband.  Every time I'd finish another one, he would act just like a little kid and get so excited.  It was just the motivation I needed to keep working on them.  They take about 30 minutes each to stitch and cut.  I do have to admit, they are pretty adorable.
 Of course, he had to sort them into the DC and Marvel sets and put them on his fingers as to who is friends with whom.  I wasn't even sure who the red and yellow guy was.  He appreciated the break from grading papers and is looking forward to taking them to school tomorrow.  I haven't told him about the villains yet.  Those will be next weekend, or maybe one a day this week instead of grading papers :)
The Hulk made us both laugh, It looks more like the Jolly Green Giant.  He has no muscles, so maybe he is baby hulk.  Who says you have to grow up just because you get older?

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