Monday, June 22, 2015

Making skirts

 With both my quilting and embroidery machines down for the count, I had to find something to do to keep me busy until I leave to babysit my dad in Colorado on Friday.  My mom and sister's family are going to Canada for a family reunion and my dad is staying behind to get a new pacemaker put in.  I volunteered to come out with my little guy to watch over my dad and we are going to have lots of fun!

 I joined a group called Sew for Kids and we are making skirts for girls on a Native American Reservation in South Dakota.  I know, where do I find these things?  Well, a long time ago, I used to make baby hats for them and now I have a friend I met through quilting who makes dresses, skirts, and other things for them.  The have a very high suicide rate, unemployment rate and domestic abuse rate on the reservation.  Hopefully this small gesture of love will let these kids know there are people who love and care about them.

The first two skirts were made using the pattern I posted yesterday.  It's the fat quarter skirt pattern.  I wasn't too happy with how much fabric is gathered around the waist.  There's 45 inches of fabric all gathered up there so last night I thought about how I could change it up to make it less bulky.  The green skirt is one I came up with today.  I have two more cut out and in stages of being finished.  I will post a tutorial later this week as I sew the other two together.  I like this one much better.

I'm not a sewist.  I do things non-traditionally, so don't expect it to be perfect :)  When my mom first taught me to sew, I made a pair of shorts.  I sewed the leg holes together like 5 times.  I remember crying because I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  I seam ripped them and folded them and sewed them and every time the legs were sewn shut.  Every time I kept folding them back the same way.  I finally threw them down and came back the next day and figured it out.  But, I buy my clothes at the thrift store now :)

But, I'm having fun sewing these simple skirts and using up a little bit of fabric too.  Maybe you could join us and make a skirt and send it off to a little girl who could twirl around and around!

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Linda said...

I love the green skirt! How much fabric does it take and what size is it?