Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Comcast scholarship

 My son got a $1000 scholarship from Comcast and today was the presentation.  I love going to these things, mostly for the free food and people watching.
 So many people from all walks of life.
 There were lots of dignitaries there (senators and assembly people) to support the kids.
 They had sandwiches and different kinds of salads and drinks.  I was very under dressed for the occasion.  I thought it was going to be really hot outside, but it only got to about 80 degrees, which is really cool for summer in Sacramento.
 There were about 50 kids there receiving scholarships.  They said they gave away 200 scholarships this year, so maybe they had another event somewhere else.  Some of these kids came from Southern California.
 Each one got called up and had their picture taken with their senator or assembly person.
 My son has gotten a lot of use out of his suit.

 He sure makes his mom proud :)
 The speaker was a lady from Good Day Sacramento.  I was very impressed at how well she pronounced everyone's names.  I've been that person, having to say names I've never seen before and pretty much butchered them all.  She was great.  You could tell she had read many strange names before.

 Here he is with the top executives from Comcast and our State Senator, Lois Wolk.  She only stayed while they read the names of students from her area then went back to the capitol building, probably to vote on something.
 They told him he looked like he would be someone who would hire and fire them one day.
 They all looked like they were having fun giving away money.

 Then they had a drawing for laptop computers.  They gave away 20 computers, so the kids had a fairly good chance of winning.  My son's name got drawn and he was pretty happy to win a new laptop.  He already got a new macbook pro, so will probably give this one to his little brother.
 He said he might take some of the programs off it first.

 Nice to know my cable bill is going to do good things every month.  We sure do pay enough.

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Wow!!! Way to go....congrats!