Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chihuahua Reusable grocery bags

 Summer is here!  time to get busy making things :)  First up on the list is making things for a local Chihuahua rescue group.  Since it is unlikely I will be able to get any more dogs at least for a while, I should support my local rescue group by donating something they can sell to raise funds to find homes for some cute little dogs.  I swore I'd never own one of these yappy puppies, but my dog sure doesn't act like your typical chihuahua.  He's quiet and cuddly.  He is afraid of almost everything though.  Not sure what happened to him before we got him.
 One of his funny quirks is that when we come home in the afternoon and then have to go out again, he will tear up paper.  Newspaper, toilet paper, cardboard, doesn't matter, he just seems to get upset that we were here and then left.  It's weird, because he doesn't do it during the day when we are gone to school, just when we come and then go.  I wonder what he is thinking?  Hey, you guys are supposed to be home!  Where are you?  I'll show you!  I'll tear up this really important piece of junk mail you left on the couch.  That will teach you not to leave me home alone.
I had this box of math flash cards sitting on the bottom of the stairs for about 2 years.  You know, one of those things you mean to put somewhere, but it eventually becomes part of the decoration and you just don't see it anymore.  That was the first thing he tore up.  It made me laugh because I hate math too :)

I hope my rescue group can use these bags to raise some money.  The grey one is stitched directly to the cotton bag and the brown one is stitched onto an added on pocket.  The pocket is slightly crooked.  It was hard to stitch it onto the canvas bag.  I'm sure I will get better as I practice more.  I'm making them in lots of different colors and trying to figure out which one I like best.  I think I will even make them in shades of green and red just for fun.  And if nobody wants to buy them, I will have a new set of grocery bags since California is going 'green' and soon will be making you bring your own bags to the grocery store.

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