Saturday, June 6, 2015

Graduation 2015

Last night was graduation.  The teachers line up along the row of flags and the graduates walk between us to get to their seats.  We get to congratulate them and shake their hands.  We were told not to stop and hug them.  I told the principal I had different plans.  She just smiled.

 My youngest joined us, not too happy to be there yet again to watch a sibling graduate.  I'm sure he could find 7,000 better things to do with his life than listen to boring speeches in the hot sun, but he liked playing with the flapping flags.  One thing about being near an air force base is there is always wind!
 As the graduates walked past, I stopped the line to get a picture.  My son and his girlfriend are rule followers so they were afraid they were going to get in trouble.  :)  I'm all for following the rules, except when it comes to getting pictures of my kid graduating!

 Here he is waiting to give his valedictorian speech.  So far, we are 3 for 3 for valedictorians.  I have no idea where they get their drive from.  I certainly didn't work this hard in high school or college.  They just like to do their best always.  They sure make me proud.

 They had the kids walk up the center isle and go off to the side and called names in record time.  Great if you wanted to get out of there quickly, but terrible if you actually wanted a picture of your kid.
 You had 4.2 seconds to capture the moment and with my camera, it takes 7 seconds between pictures.  Just missed it!
 But I was in time for his girlfriend!
 It was so cute he waited for her on the ramp and walked her back to their seats.  They have been so good for each other these last 5 years or so.  It's going to be hard with them going off to colleges so far away, but I'm proud they are making their own decisions and following their own dreams.
 Oh, yeah, little brother is so proud.
 He did it!  On to the next adventure.
 We couldn't be more proud and thankful for such a great son.
 Too cute.
Look, it's really over!  He was so anxious to be finished with school.  Now he has 114 days of summer vacation before he starts college.  He's ready to go on Monday.  Best wishes son!

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