Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Graduation party

 My son's girlfriend's family had a graduation party for her and for my son on Sunday.  I have to admit it was a little strange having someone give a party for my son, but they have been dating for 5 years and he practically lives at their house.  It was just a surprise to see his name on the invitation.  I told her mom that we aren't 'party people' and the only birthday party I can remember is for my oldest daughter when she was 3.
 I said, you don't give a party for an expected occasion.  We expect our kids to graduate from high school, so why throw a party for something like that.  She said that they had hoped their daughter would graduate and didn't necessarily expect it to happen.
 After talking to her nephews for most of the party time, I understood what she meant.  They both have autism.  The older one can talk your ear off, but most of his stories aren't true.  He lives a very social life in his mind.  The younger one would interrupt conversations to make strange voices to get your attention.
 So, I guess their accomplishments are something to celebrate!  She is going to Fullerton State to study dance and he is going to UC Davis to study computer science and Statistics and music.
 My son got lots of gifts from her family and we went 50/50 on a mac computer for her with her parents.  I said it was payback for all the steak he's eaten at their house.  I don't usually buy steak and they eat it at least once a week.  He's probably eaten 20 cows.
When did this kid grow up?

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Kathy MacKie said...

Yes they grow up right before our eyes and when they walk out the door into that big wide world you know you've helped him to prepare for whatever's ahead. Well done Mom!