Saturday, January 26, 2013

I hate wasted days

Super bad migraine today so I didn't get anything done that I wanted to do.

I did try embroidering right onto the stocking cap and LOVE the way it came out.  SO, I decided to head to WalMart and pick up some more hats.  Went to the local WalMart and they didn't have a single hat!  The one in the next city over had about 100 of them on Wednesday.  But, I wasn't feeling well enough to head over there today.  I hope I feel better tomorrow and that nobody else gets the idea to buy them all :)

I did have a great surprise this morning when I decided to take my car in for its smog check.  My car has been smoking since about last May.  It does it randomly, sometimes in the morning, sometimes after school, sometimes when it is hot, sometimes when it is cold.  I took it in back about July and the guy at both the Toyota dealership and our regular mechanic said it needed a new engine.  They couldn't find where the leak was, but they said it probably needed a new head.  I have no idea what a head is, but I guess it is pretty important for a car.  The guy at the Toyota shop said that I had missed too many oil changes and had been running the car without oil and that's why it broke.  Who knew?  I just figured the oil would get dirty, not go away.

I should know better because I'm always oiling my sewing and quilting machines.  But, those are more important to me than a car.

So, today I decided I had to at least try and get it to pass smog.  The renewal is due in March.  When I took it in, I was so nervous.  I just knew they were going to call a tow truck and take my car away from me right then and there.  But, 20 minutes later, the guy came out and said it passed with flying colors!  Woo Hoo!  I guess I had better keep up with those oil changes from now on and hope I can get another 2 years out of it.  By then child #3 will be going off to college and we will be poor again.

So, I guess the day wasn't a total waste. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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KaHolly said...

I'm a migraine sufferer, so I can sympathize with you. Glad your car passed the smog test. When you learned that you never checked/changed the oil, did you feel like 'such a girl'?