Saturday, January 19, 2013

Easy and cute

This is the first blanket i made with the quilt tops from the middle school kids.  Carla cut the fabric for Super Size 9 patch quilts and the kids sewed them.  150 of them since September.  We have not been able to keep up with these kids, but I think this will work well.  I just sewed flannel to the back, without any batting and then did the cute heart embroidery design in the middle with my embroidery machine.  I'm thinking I might go around the center piece with a straight stitch, just to hold it together a little better.  The red heart is ironed on and then stitched around because there was a hole in the fabric there.  I cut the heart with my Accuquilt Go fabric cutter.  I have to find a pattern for embroidering these on to the fabric, because I use them all the time to cover up little holes in the quilts.  Sometimes the stitches come out, or aren't sewn all the way and I end up with a hole.  Rather than going back and hand stitching the hole together, I just tack on a heart.  Cute and practical.  I have to make some more so I'm ready for the next hole.

Oh, and I have to share what I got today at JoAnn's.  They are having interfacing on sale 50% off and their serger thread is $1 a spool.  This weekend is also teacher appreciation weekend so I got 25% off everything.  I got thread and interfacing and saved over $106!  I only spent about $40 so I feel like I'm making money on the deal.  I'm sure they want me to feel this way, but I'm a happy camper.  I have enough interfacing to last until the next 50% off sale.  I already bought a bunch for regular price.  Never again.  This year I'm going to try and buy things only when they are on sale.  Makes me feel better about my purchases. :)

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