Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some hat patterns to make this week

Is it chilly where you are yet?  In California where I live, we say it gets cold, but really, we have no idea what cold is.  The morning temperatures never really drop below 30 degrees.  Lately it has been around 60 degrees in the mornings and we are FREEZING, but I do have friends in cold places and they have asked that I make some hats to send to them.  So, since I have the entire week off and I don't have a lot of grading to do this week (yay for good planning the week before break!) I thought inbetween quilting and stocking making, I would do a bit of hat making.  Here's the first bit of pattern searching I came up with this morning:
cute hat pattern with butterfly in side-crochet

slouchy hat-crochet

fleece fish hat--too cute

Fleece hats for a boy and girl-must make these!

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