Saturday, November 5, 2011

Broken quilting machines

I stopped by Carla's today to drop off my empty dog food bags.  She is going to make reusable shopping bags out of them.  I also had to return the lavendar fabric she let me use for the baby quilt I made for my friend's grand daughter.  It had been sitting here forever, waiting patiently to be returned.

Carla was telling me about her troubles with her quilting machine.  Seems she just wore it out!  After 350 quilts in 6 months the poor thing just gave up.  Burned out, got tired.  My quilting machine did about the same thing.  Problem is, hers can be fixed with just a new motor.  Mine can't be fixed as easily.  You see, mine runs on shoulder power.  Hers on a robotic brain.  My shoulder still kills me every time I try to do anything with it.  Grade papers, work on the computer, push a shopping cart, cut the rose bushes.  I wish my quilting troubles were as easy to fix as Carla's.

But, I can tell you she is just as frustrated as I am.  Why do these machines (or body parts) break down when we have the time to be quilting?  She has some time off this week and is raring to go!  She has piles of quilt tops stacked neatly near her machine, just waiting to be quilted and ready for a child to love.  My troubles started at the beginning of summer, when I had lots of time to quilt.  I've been resting for months, hoping that rest and time would heal.  Neither of us is a happy camper right now, but in time, things will get better.

But, Carla has been sneaky.  She has been going down to the local quilt shop and giving demonstrations on their quilting machine.  It is the same machine that she has at home and so while her machine is taking a much needed vacation, Carla is still able to get a little quilting time in.  And she is getting the lady at the quilt shop hooked on quitling too!  We always laugh at how addicting quilting can be.  We often compare outselves to drug dealers.  The first lesson/bit of fabric/quilt will be free, but then you will come back for more and more and soon, you just can't stop thinking about your next quilt and you will be hooked.  But, quilting brings you the best friends too.

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