Saturday, November 12, 2011

JoAnn's black friday ad

Do you love the thrill of standing in line on Black Friday?  I used to do that.  Get up at 4am, wait in line to get the best deals.  Not any more.  Now, there just isn't anything I must have that's worth losing sleep over.  But, I do get these emails from a Black Friday website that leaks the Black Friday ads early.  Just in case there is something I must have.  And most places you can order online.  So, if you must have an item, you can at least stay in your pajamas and not have to face the cold :)  Here's the link to the JoAnn's ad.  That's the most important one you know.  They have the Go! fabric cutter for $199. which is the lowest price anywhere and they always lower their price on flannel.  This year it is $1.49 a yard.  I have about 4,000 yards of flannel, otherwise I'd be standing in line with you :)

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