Saturday, November 5, 2011

Could you vote for my friend?

She is in a contest for some free toys for her girls.  She was the preschool teacher for my younger daughter (who is now 16).  The best thing about the picture is she actually got her husband to wear the silly hat!  He is in the military and serves our country proudly.  I can only imagine the teasing he will be getting from his fellow service members when they find out about this picture :).

It just takes a second if you are already a member of Facebook to like her picture.  Voting ends on Thanksgiving and is another way to say Thanks to our troops (well, sort of anyways).

Here's the link to vote Just click on it, find this picture and click on that and then 'like' the picture.  Simple.  You must be logged into Facebook in order to vote.  Thanks friends!

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