Tuesday, November 8, 2011

quilting calms the nerves

This one was loaded from the weekend and I thought I could get it quilted before school today.  I'm getting evaluated by the Vice Principal this morning.  Nothing like a little quilting to calm the nerves.  Of course, the lesson I had planned is not ready today, but rather on schedule for tomorrow, but kids are not robots and are not ready for that today, so she will see what she sees, a real day of teaching, not a dog and pony show.  She actually showed up yesterday.  She likes to do that, just throw a little bit of nerves in there to keep you on your toes.  Yeah, real nice like that.  I miss the old VP who used to come around and joke with you.  This one, no joking allowed!  All business.  Today will not be a fun day.  I should probably take some migraine medicine this morning :)

Ok, off to work, can't be late today!  She will probably be sitting in my room when I get there to watch me get things set up! Ha!

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