Monday, January 18, 2010


When we first moved into this house 5 years ago, we had a mouse problem. I got the live catch traps and probably caught 50 mice in the kitchen. Or, maybe it was the same 3 mice over and over. I would take them out to the country and let them go and then the next day, the trap would be full again. Finally, I gave up and got the snap traps. I caught another 50 mice before I finally figured out how they were getting into the house. There is a small hole near the plug behind the stove.

Well, today I was cooking dinner and a little mouse came out from behind the stove and looked at me and asked, "What's for dinner?" This time I decided not to play around. I got out the snap traps. Within 10 minutes I had a mouse. After dinner, when the stove was almost cool, I started to pull it out from the wall to see if the hole was there again. I had plugged it up with steel wool. As I tried to pull it out, another mouse jumped out and ran under the toaster oven.

Another trap, another 10 minutes and another mouse. I pulled out the stove and yuck! The hole was back and ew, how does it get so icky under the stove.

I think I have the problem under control, but set one more trap just in case.

The really funny thing is we have a rodent problem at work. The poor guy at work who is supposed to catch these critters tried for about a month before catching one rat. We have rats, mice, voles and snakes and he couldn't catch anything for a month. I started to feel sorry for him and offered to go to the pet store and get some mice to put in his traps so he could show his boss he was catching things. He wasn't laughing. Maybe I should bring these mice in to school???

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