Friday, January 1, 2010

Final quilt of 2009

Wow, that is weird. My total for 2009 was 171 quilts quilted. Not bad for getting sick for almost 2 months. I think I can do a little better this year, but had better get started soon. I have been grading lab books and did the dreaded grocery shopping today so nothing fun so far.

This year I plan to learn how to do feathers so much better. You can see from the new picture behind my bog title that I am showing you where my feathers are now. This quilt was done a couple days ago and I just learned how to post the picture behind the title bar. I plan to update throughout the year as the feathers improve.

So, onto new things in 2010 and off the computer for a while. Thanks for visiting and checking out my progress as I work through the stash and try to help as many kids as I can with the talents the Lord has given me.

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For His Glory said...

What a precious talent you've been gifted by God! Look at the way you knock these quilts out! I still need to bring you these two old quilts I have to see if they are worth mending...Anyways...Love the new blog look :)