Saturday, October 17, 2015

see Spot run

 Last Friday I was at school unusually late.  My son's after school caregiver's husband is one of the football coaches and it was homecoming.  They had brought him to my high school and so I wasn't in my usual hurry to get home.  I was trying to get a few lab books graded so I wouldn't have to carry them home over the weekend.  I was setting things up for the lab I was going to run on Tuesday.  This is the first year in the 25 years I've taught that we had no school for Columbus day.  The teachers had a work day, but I decided that would be the day I would take off to get another round of botox.

Anyways, I forgot to lock my door and it was about 4:30 already when three boys came running into my classroom with this cute little dog.  They said they found it running in the middle of the street near the gas station.  They didn't know what to do with it and figured they would bring it to a nice teacher.  :)  I guess that would be me.  I told them I would take care of it and knew I couldn't just bring it home.  What if its family was looking for him?  I know if I owned this dog, I'd want someone to take it to the animal shelter so I could find it.  He is a real cutie.
 So, my son and I packed up my stuff and we took it to the local vet to see if it had a microchip.  They said that another lady and son had brought it in earlier in the day and they had scanned it and there was no chip, but they would scan it again.  Nope, no chip.  They suggested we take it to the shelter.  I was torn between wanting to take it home and knowing that I had to take it to the shelter.  When I got home and told my husband the story and showed him a picture of the dog, he asked why I didn't just bring it home?  He liked the dog too.  He said that if the owners didn't come back for it, I could go get it.
So, I've been watching all week and called yesterday to see if it was still there.  Sure enough, the owners never did come in to get it.  So today my friend went to the shelter with me and we sprung him from doggy jail.  There was another dog that looked almost exactly the same who was much more hyper and we got the number of the dog mixed up.  At first they brought out the wrong dog.  That other dog had lots of spots and was much younger and very wiggly.  This dog is very mellow.

I know what you are thinking mom and dad :)  Just what you need, another dog.  But someone has to eat all of the leftovers!  Now that my teenage son has moved out, I'm having to learn to cook half size meals.  I was talking to my parents last night about how much leftover food I'm having at every meal.  So much has changed.  I'm having a real hard time adjusting.

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Charlene S said...

My DD#1 is exactly like that since her son moved out. She still cooks like there is a 6' teenager ready to suck up food. Cooking less is hard after so many years of cooking for teenager(s). Good luck learning to cook less.