Monday, October 19, 2015

a short visit

My son goes to college about 30 minutes away and decided he needed a little break this weekend.  Hid girlfriend was coming to Northern California for a dance workshop on Saturday.  She goes to college in So. Cal. so he came home Friday, went to dinner with her parents because the mudslides on I5 had delayed her travel by about 4 hours.  Then they met her for a couple of hours for a very short visit.  He mostly spent his time sleeping and playing video games with his little brother.  The sound of laughter was so nice and something I really miss
Spot decided he didn't like being locked in the room at night and tore up the carpet along the door.  He did it very quietly and I didn't discover it until the morning.  So, Sunday I got a kennel for him.  He doesn't really like it very much, but will learn that sleeping in the kennel is a good option.  It's a good thing I really don't love this carpet.  He's awful sleepy this morning.  But it does make me wonder if his previous owners had enough of the destruction and just let him out. 

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Quiltingranny said...

So happy your son got to come home for awhile. Must be the week-end for college breaks as my friends daughter also came home this week-end for some home time!
We have over the years taken in 2 dogs that were 'found,' and sadly neither one worked out.
First was a hound and when we were gone he bayed for hours and living on a military base in housing that did not go over well. We found an awesome farm for him to live on.
The second, at my entire couch in less than an hour. I returned him to the foster family that 'found,' him.
I hope you can get spot to his happy place and a kennel right now is a good thing!