Thursday, October 10, 2013

so busy

 I've been so busy with school that I've been neglecting everything else.  Well, no more!  My quilting machine has been acting up and I finally broke down and said I need to order the spring that will fix the problem.  Problem is, the person who makes the spring says they no longer make it because it no longer fixes the problem!  Say what?  They say there is a different fix for the problem. Ok, send me in the right direction, I'm all about fixing problems.

Off to the hardware store to wander around to find the little metal pieces, a few bolts and nuts and I'm fiddling away.  At first, I tried fixing the metal pieces to the side of the frame, like this.  But then go back to the picture and see they are supposed to attach to the wheel, there on the right.  I moved them and the thing is stitching much better.  I don't want to declare it perfect just yet, but it is much better.

I thought part of the problem was because the backing fabric is painted.  The white flowers are thick, and so some of the skipped stitches most likely are because the needle isn't happy going through those flowers.  Maybe, but now that I have the bracket in the right spot, no more skipped stitches and it is the same backing fabric.

I sure hope I get the trouble fixed soon.  Although I have a ton of grading to do this weekend, I also have a ton of quilting to do.  I've been slacking on the quilting and need to get some boy quilts done.  I just know the Nurse Family Partnership will be calling soon and asking for quilts.  I have plenty of girl quilts ready, but not a single boy quilt is to be found.

While fixing my machine, I let the 50 pound beast rest on my arm.  It hurt, but I didn't realize that it was pushing into my arm hard enough to leave bruises and pinch off a nerve.  I still have nerve damage this morning that runs down my thumb.  Yesterday my thumb was completely numb all day.  Today the feeling is coming back a bit, so that's good news, but it feels like when you leg falls asleep and starts to wake up.  And the bruises look like someone grabbed me.  Who knew quilting could be so dangerous?

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Quiltingranny said...

Making me nervous girl at getting a long arm quilting machine! Glad to see you never give up and can get it done!