Friday, October 18, 2013

the newest driver

Here he is, the newest driver in our house.  He got a 94 on the test, only failing to stop behind the line twice and to check carefully once.  No fatal errors so I guess this means he is safe enough to drive on his own.  My stress level is supposed to go down now, but someone needs to tell my brain this!

I went to the doctors today, found out I am crazy, need to cut back my work load and let other people do things for me.  My doctor even offered to write me a note to get me out of work.  I just wish she could write me a doctor's note to get me out of paying my bills.  She told me my boys should be cooking dinner every night.  She says dinner doesn't have to be fancy.  Um, hello.  We are non fancy people so we never have fancy dinners.

I am pulling out the old crock pot, dusting off the recipes and going to try and plan ahead some meals for the week.  I think with a little better planning around here, the stress level could go down a bit.

The first doctor I saw also prescribed a 'mood enhancer' because she thinks some of my issues are caused my hormones out of whack.  She gave me some anti-depressants and thinks that will help with some of the problems I'm having.  But, then I went to the headache clinic and that doctor told me to hold off while we try to work on the migraines.  Messing with too many meds at the same time doesn't let us figure out which one is helping.  All I know is I feel like I'm going crazy.  With teachers yelling at me and stealing my stuff, I sure could use a break.  It sure would be nice to only work half time and Thanksgiving break can't come fast enough.  I'm glad I had today off and Monday is only a half a day. 

I will be resting up this weekend, getting some much needed quilting time in, enjoying the beautiful weather and calling my dad to wish him a happy 82nd birthday.  Finding time for things I enjoy doing is very important right now.


Quiltingranny said...

Have been down the overload road too many times. Working 16 hour days, taking care of family, going to school for Masters and taking 16 credits per...Nuts I say, I was nuts. Now if I am down or in pain, I let others help me! Praying it gets better!

Farm Quilter said...

Wow, you do have way too much on your plate! I would assign the boys each a night to make dinner - they need to learn how to cook and I am sure they can read a cookbook (just hope they can actually follow the directions LOL). You may have some very interesting dinners...and remind them that the cook's brother washes up :) never mom. A glass of wine will help any dinner and a hidden stash of chocolate will make sure you maintain your energy!! Praying the thieving teacher is forced into retirement before Christmas!!!