Sunday, October 13, 2013

I actually quilted

 To keep my mind off things and to celebrate fixing my machine I quilted three quilts this weekend.  I'm having some more health issues with my uterus rebelling against me.  The doctor says I'm too young for menopause and doesn't know what is causing the troubles.  It may be a side effect of the migraine meds, what else is new.  I go in on Friday to the headache clinic, not that I'm expecting anything new to come of the visit.  Maybe if I just had more babies, my problems would all be solved.  46 isn't too old is it :)  I've been having so much stress at work this year with three new teachers there is always someone to help, something to set up or clean up.  I need to remember to take time for myself, my kids, my husband.  I'm learning to say no to some things, or at least trying.

We found out today that my husband's brother is having some major heart issues and had to close his landscape business.  He has been in the hospital two out of the last four weeks and has no health insurance.  He is living with his son's family now.  Prayers are appreciated for him.

I'm really glad I got my quilting machine working again.  It was a long, stressful struggle this past week, but watching the machine stitch away is relaxing for me.  Plus, knowing that the finished product will bring comfort to a hurting child makes me happy too.  I need happy.

I hope to be posting more days now that I feel more in control.  Writing is good therapy too.

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Bonnie said...

Glad you are back to quilting. I know what you mean about it making you happy. I haven't touched fabric or machine for over a month. My husband had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago and is staying at my mom's (I stay there when I am not working due to her health issues)until he can go home on his own. I really need, like you, some happy in the form of sewing. Thoughts and prayers for your family member also. Hope all goes well for him.