Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Binky Day

 We skipped our Binky meeting in March because the weather was really bad.  That hasn't happened in a few years, but this year we've had some pretty good storms come through.  Carla was nice enough to host us at her house today since the kids are off for Spring break.  No school means I'm off too!  Yipee.
 We had a nice turnout of ladies and got a lot done, from sorting fabric scraps to sewing some things together.  There were some ladies who came from Lodi (about an hour away) who brought lots of finished rag quilts.  We had given them quite a bit of flannel fabric and they cut it and sewed it back together and brought us back the finished quilts.  It's so nice to have friends from far away who have the same mindset and enjoy working on projects like this.  I went home and dug out 5 buckets of flannel fabric and gave them more to work on.
 I'm sure I have more flannel in my garage, but didn't have the time to go through all of it today.  I'm motivated to sort through it this week though since our next meeting is April 10 and they will be back.  If I can give away another 5 buckets of fabric and have finished quilts returned to me, it's like I'm working at super human speed.
 There were only three teens who showed up today but they sorted baskets of scraps and cut a whole basket full of the smaller scraps into tumbler blocks.  Many of us sewed them together and almost had a whole quilt top finished in about an hour.  It always amazes me how so little can become something beautiful when we all work together.
The local newspaper came out to do a story on our group.  I always enjoy talking to them and sharing how we can take some donated fabric and turn it into hugs for kids.

Around 3pm a lady showed up at the door asking for Brooke.  She said she had come to buy something.  Turns out she was at the wrong house, but when she saw that we were all busy sewing, she asked if we could help her fix her sewing machine.  She found the right house and came back about 30 minutes later with her sewing machine.  Carla helped her fix it and she was happy to have found us.  She said she had been struggling with her machine for a while and was going to come back in April to help us make quilts.  It was a little like dialing the wrong number and winning the lottery.  Or maybe accidentally getting hooked on a drug that you will never recover from, depending on your perspective!  She has no idea what she just got herself into :)  We are a crazy bunch of ladies who do love cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together.  I sure hope there is no cure for what we have going.

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Charlene S said...

There is not a cure! But it is a wonderful disease.