Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I lost another child-to college yesterday

 So, here's the deal.  You do everything right.  You feed them, and teach them right from wrong.  You educate them and love them and then one day they decide they know enough to go off on their own.
 They don't need you anymore!
 What's up with that?  It's like they want to have their own life or something?  Was that part of the deal I signed when I chose to have them?  Because I don't remember signing up for that.
 I mean I guess it is better than having to take care of a 40 year old who doesn't want to clean his room or help with the dishes, but it sure is painful to just let them go.
 Especially when they are such nice people.  Maybe I will do a terrible job with my youngest and I will want him to go.  Or, maybe it will really kill me when he leaves the house.  I swear with each child that goes, 1/2 my heart goes with them.  I don't really have much left.
 My son asked for a double or triple room, but ended up with a single.  There was enough room that we stopped yesterday at the thrift store and got a lay-z-boy recliner.  We decided he had better never study in this chair.  It is just too comfortable!  But he's sure to be the hit of the floor when his friends find out there is actually a place to sit down.  He has a record player and his trombone and cello.  He wanted his keyboard, but we weren't sure how much room or time he's have for everything.  And since he is only 30 minutes from home, he can always call and you know this mom will be right there :)
At least I have 7 more years before the last one goes.  But I know how quickly 7 years passes.  It was 7 years ago that my oldest went off and that seems like just yesterday.


KaHolly said...

I only have one, and when she went off to college, I started mourning the day she graduated from high school! I didn't think I could bear it....but I did. Eventually. Then I decided I kind of liked being alone!

barbara woods said...

you always hurt when they leave but are proud of them for going to college. Only one of my kids did but 4 of my grands are going so far

Quiltingranny said...

You know your kids will always need their momma!

Love the fact he got his own room!!

Just now catching up with blogs, sorry to be so quiet!